What is the IDPERRI Program

11:47 PM Posted by Humanity Healing International

IDP Empowerment, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Initiative: IDPERRI

The Green Uganda

The concept behind of this project proposal is to create a self-perpetuating industry, staffed with former Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, whose primary function is to successfully resettle those people or families in other villages or sub-counties affected during the war or those during the insurgency.
The First Phase is to build a "pilot" village.  The building of the village in itself will be a training program for the IDPs to be settled there.  The skills and structure learned will then be applied by the First Phase IDPs to train the Second Phase IDPs during the building of their village.  And so on.
Ultimately, the program will be vertically integrated, with the program villages producing the required materials for the starting of new villages.

Through partnerships with the Prime Minister's Office concerned with IDPs and refugees, local government offices in the region, an initial training of beneficiaries would be sought. This is one of the solidifying strategies of the vision of the project.

The objective of this project proposal is to provide an overall alternative that would create an ideal infrastructure for the relocation and settlement of the Internally Displaced Persons, Returnees, and In-Villages of Northern Uganda.
The central heart of this project will be one of building clean, healthy, economically self-sufficient communities for the relocation of returnees or war victims (former IDPs).   The scope of this project holds as one of the main objectives to diminish the exterior dependencies, as it encourages the creation of a semi-urban, ecologically sustainable balanced landscapes as independent eco-villages.

This project is to cover the whole of northern Uganda. However, at the initial stage, it will be implemented in Laminator Village, Aswa County, Gulu district, northern Uganda. According to factors on ground, this village had over 250,000 people and a greater number of them died as a result of the fighting between the rebels and government forces (crossfire), others in camps and the remnants including those abducted by the rebels are the present targets of this project. Humanity Healing Foundation, HHF, through The Divine Mission International, TDMI, supports several children in the Schools therein.

Majority of the returnees are resettling in their respective villages by re-building grass-thatched houses. These shelters, regardless of cutting down the trees (poles) for building these shelters, which of course degrades the environment, their vulnerability still stands due to the fact that, those structures are easily subjected to destruction by fire. The rebels used to burn all shelters during the aggressive attacks cross the region.
Therefore, these project structures (made of earth) wouldn't only improve the health of the returnees but also sustain their safety for generations.

For more details on this and other projects,
 contact us.
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